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Investment is a dynamic process, and advice is therefore a continuous process with different phases. Purchase, management, optimisation and sale. ESTADIUM stands for specialist strategic advice and support in the various stages of an investment project.

the approach

The clear structure of our organisation, our specialised personal knowledge and our years of experience with all the various matters involved in real estate enable us to work in a transparent and result-oriented way. The people behind ESTADIUM are accustomed to delivering customised solutions when it comes to real estate investment advice, as we have recourse to extensive national and international knowledge and experience in all matters relating to commercial real estate.

These areas of expertise include:

  • Initiation of and guidance in the purchase of investment transactions.
  • Portfolio analysis.
  • Strategic portfolio management.
  • Setting up and advising investment funds.
  • Restructuring operations.
  • Financing and refinancing.
  • Appraisals.
  • Development projects.
  • Sale and leaseback operaties, voor zowel
    Sale and leaseback operations, for national and international, private and institutional investors.

No investor is like any other. Real estate is the common denominator. A personal view and approach make the difference. No assignment is like any other. The details make the difference. Working together with our client we determine the strategy and methodology, which results in a customised package that varies for each person and each assignment. Our approach therefore, takes the form of custom-made investment advice, which guarantees results and has laid the foundation for our permanent relationships with various national and international private and institutional real estate investors.

Our aim is to surpass your objectives.