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ESTADIUM provides asset management services for single assets and portfolios in the Netherlands for national and international real estate investors, both private and institutional.

capital management

ESTADIUM manages assets invested in real estate at strategic and tactical levels, meaning that we advise owners on matters such as management, letting, time schedule and the size of investments, as well as finance structures.

Operational matters such as daily property management, letting and appraisals are done within the own ESTADIUM organisation. This offers a clear benefit to owners: ESTADIUM is the contact point for all ownership matters. This allows ESTADIUM to give pro-active and independent advice to our clients and to optimise returns.

Together with our clients, we draw up a business plan for existing investments or planned new purchases.
In case of real estate portfolios, we carry out a portfolio analysis and then draw up an acquisition and disposition plan based on the owner's objectives. For several national and international investors, we act as their eyes and ears in the Dutch real estate market. We give advice and guidance and make decisions at crucial moments regarding existing or new investment portfolios.

In 2012 we founded ESTADIUM Property Management. Within this seperate entity we carry out our full property management services for several national and international clients.