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Eelco van Loenen

A personal view of the market

"Investment advice in the Netherlands is still in its infancy. Investors are still not provided with complete information and a rational financial basis. As standard, a purchase or sale should be accompanies by a purchase or sale report, including a business and marketing plan. Too often, the discussion concerns only returns, not the risk/return profile of an investment. If this were to occur more frequently, real estate would represent a larger proportion of diversified investment portfolios.

In this context, it is not surprising that in the last couple of years more attention has turned to industrial real estate. In other countries, it has been known for some time that the this sector has a better risk/return profile than investments in offices. The only drawback is the limited size of each investment and the intensity of management required.

My passion is helping provide instructions in cases where expertise from a clear financial background is needed. Advice and guidance on portfolios and sale and leaseback structured transactions are therefore my area of preference.

Previously, I worked for Jones Lang LaSalle as associate director of Investment Consultants for 10 years, most recently with responsibility for Industrial Investments."


  • Industrial Investments
  • Financial modelling and calculations
  • Portfolio transactions and strategy