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Dignus Hoen

A personal view of the market

"While it can be said that the real estate market is a people's business, this does not mean that the bricks and mortar, the tenants and the location can be overlooked. Thorough advice on the quality of the real estate, the tenant and the area, with an assessment of whether all factors fit together has to be decisive. The client's motives, how the financing is provided, how the management is arranged: for me these are the main factors in the advice and the harmonisation of wishes and requirements.
While for others the matter ends with advice, I want to remain involved.

Most recently in my career, I was an associate director of Investment Consultants at Jones Lang LaSalle for 6 years, with a focus on retail investment. Prior to this, I was general manager at Plusval b.v., now D-winkels b.v., of the Dirk van den Broek Business Cooperative [Samenwerkende Dirk van den Broek Bedrijven]. My responsibilities there included guidance on purchases and sales, renting and letting, project development, management of the in-house portfolio, on behalf of the supermarkets, liquor stores, chemists, travel agencies, offices and distribution centres of all the Dirk van den Broek companies."


  • Retail Investments
  • Portfolio transactions and strategy